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What’s the deal with those weird gold metal wine glasses on ‘Love is Blind’?

The strange metallic glasses are back for season 3, baby.

Screengrab of Netflix's 'Love is Blind: After the Altar Season 2' trailer on YouTube
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Love is Blind is already headed back to Netflix with a third season next month, and it should come as little surprise that the new season will once again feature that ubiquitous metallic gold drink ware from the first two seasons. Though the season 3 teaser is only 30 seconds long, several contestants can be seen clinking gold shot glasses. One has to imagine the golden wine goblets are not far behind.

Fans first began noticing the gold wine glasses during the first season of the popular reality dating series, as every cast member seemed to drink exclusively from the distinct-looking chalices throughout their time in the pods, trips to Mexico, apartments, weddings, and even during family visits. And they drank not just wine and other alcoholic beverages out of the goblets, but coffee, tea, water, soft drinks — you name it.

In fact, many fans have taken to Twitter to speculate what the so-called love affair is between the gold glasses and producers of Love is Blind.

Though these glasses are typically gold, silver versions have also popped up on Netflix’s other reality dating series, The Ultimatum, as others on Twitter have noted.

The glasses also unsurprisingly look like they are going to make plenty of appearances during the season 2 “After the Altar” special episodes premiering on Friday Sept. 16 — just going by the teaser alone.

What’s the reason for the gold wine glasses on Love is Blind?

Though many have speculated that the wine glasses are the result of some type of ingenious product placement, without knowing the actual brand of glassware that theory doesn’t seem to hold much water — or Yellow Tail Moscato, as the case most certainly is.

But in reality, the answer is much more simple (and boring). Shortly after the premiere of season 2, Variety spoke with Love is Blind series creator creator Chris Coelen, who attributed the reason to branding and aesthetics.

“I don’t know. It’s something I like. When you turn on the show, you know it’s our show. It’s a very authentic, really true following of these people’s journeys, but I like the fact that we have this sort of connective tissue with that in a really light way, it’s fun.”

Though, the Today show blog alludes to an even more basic explanation — continuity. “Since the glasses are opaque, the show’s editors can splice together scenes without worrying about how much liquid is left in the cup,” the publication notes.

In either case, the goblets have made their mark on not just fans of the show, but the stars themselves. Back in February, the ladies of season 2 spoke with E! News and revealed plans of getting matching wine goblet tattoos.

“All the girls, we wanted to get like a tiny little goblet tattooed on ourselves,” Deepti Vempati shared with E! News. Fellow contestant Shaina Hurley added, “We still have to do that.”

And as fans of the show have noticed, the cast drinks everything (and we mean everything) out of the gold glasses. “We’ve been through so much,” Deepti continued. “And we would always put all of our drinks in the gold goblets. It’s just a symbolic thing for us.”

Fans can break out their finest metallic gold drink ware when Love is Blind season 3 premieres on Netflix on Oct. 19, 2022.

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