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Lucasfilm Developing Disney Plus Star Wars TV Show For Princess Leia

According to sources close to HN Entertainment, Disney's looking to develop a TV series centered on Princess Leia, which would air on Disney Plus.


The Mouse House will be looking to take Netflix’s crown pretty soon by launching their very own streaming service in the form of Disney Plus. With all the incredible IP at their disposal, it’s not like they’ll be short for original content and so far, they’ve already lined up a number of Marvel TV shows as well as The Mandalorian, which will be the very first live-action series to come from the Star Wars saga.

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But they won’t be stopping there. Far from it, in fact. If you’ll recall, it was just this weekend that we learned of plans for series revolving around Finn, Poe, Lando and Qi’Ra, and tonight brings word that Lucasfilm is also looking to do something with Princess Leia. Or, to be more specific, a younger version of Leia.

According to HN Entertainment, the project is in the earliest stages of development and is nowhere near ready to go into production yet. Instead, the studio’s just discussing ideas internally for how it could work and what it could involve. Still, it’s almost a no-brainer to do something like this, as Leia’s really the one who kicked off the whole saga back in 1977, with her appeal to Obi-Wan Kenobi via R2-D2’s playback facility.

Her story’s a fascinating one, too. Adopted by Senator Bail Prestor Organa and his wife, Breha, she grew up on the planet Alderaan and was educated in the politics of the Galactic Republic, ultimately winning a leadership role within the Rebel Alliance. But her early years on Alderaan have never before been explored in any of the films and this proposed TV show could be a great place to do that.

Not to mention that Lucasfilm wouldn’t have to look far in terms of casting, since the internet’s pretty much in agreement that Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown would be perfect as a young Leia, with the actress already expressing interest in the role, too.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. For now, we’ll just have to wait and see what comes from this, but you’ll be able to catch the Princess on the big screen one final time (at least, with Carrie Fisher playing her) in Star Wars: Episode IX, which hits theaters on December 20th.