Lucasfilm Reportedly Developing Mara Jade TV Show For Disney Plus

Mara Jade

The Star Wars Sequel Trilogy has already given us a drastically different post-Return of the Jedi world from the one seen in the Expanded Universe fiction, which we now call Star Wars Legends. However, many fans are still hoping that some of their favorite non-canonical characters could one day show up on the big screen, and it seems that Lucasfilm has heard their pleas, as not for the first time, we’re being told that none other than Mara Jade might be seen in live-action soon.

Those familiar with the Expanded Universe will obviously know Mara as Luke Skywalker’s Force-using wife in the alternate continuity, While she was once brainwashed by Emperor Palpatine and became his right-hand woman, Luke ultimately freed her and the two eventually got married, going on to have children and training the next generation of Jedi.

Of course, Lucasfilm wouldn’t be able to stick too closely to this given what’s transpired in the films so far, but a few changes here and there to Mara’s story would be alright. After all, at this point, fans would just be happy to finally see her in live-action.

Apparently, the plan is to give her her own Disney Plus series, and while this report has yet to be confirmed by the studio, like we said above, it’s far from the first time that we’re hearing Lucasfilm has plans for Mara Jade. In fact, a few months back, WGTC brought you the news that Emily Blunt might be playing the role. At the time, we heard Mara was likely to debut in a movie, but it seems as if things may’ve changed.

Either way, we’re pretty certain at this point that Mara Jade is on her way to the world of live-action Star Wars – be it via a film or a Disney Plus show – and as soon as we hear more, we’ll be sure to let you know.