Lucasfilm Will Reportedly Replace Cara Dune With New Female Lead In Mandalorian Universe

Cara Dune Mandalorian

When the dust finally settles on the Gina Carano saga, which likely won’t be for a while yet given the way that both her supporters and detractors continue to fan the flames, The Mandalorian‘s cast and crew will return to work minus one of their colleagues. The title hero has plenty of allies already who flit in and out of the narrative as they please, though, so Disney and Lucasfilm realistically don’t need to make any overt references to her absence.

In fact, insider Daniel Richtman is claiming that the studios are already planning to introduce a strong female lead to act as the erstwhile replacement for Cara Dune in The Mandalorian universe. And apparently, she’ll debut in the planned Rangers of the New Republic spinoff, which is now in early development.

Taking to his Patreon account earlier this week, here’s what Richtman had to share:

“Lucasfilm [will] replace Gina’s character in Rangers with another strong female lead.”

Of course, Rangers of the New Republic was the ideal place for Cara Dune to take center stage given that she was literally a Ranger of the New Republic, and with the Star Wars franchise just one of many high profile properties looking to increase representation and diversity, it makes sense that The Mandalorian‘s expanded canon will be bringing in another strong female lead to take Gina’s place.

Further details on who this might be obviously remain unclear at this early stage, but even without the aforementioned Dune, the future is extremely bright for Star Wars on the small screen. And with Lucasfilm reportedly planning to ignore Carano’s character entirely moving forward, the fallout of the actress’ firing shouldn’t impact things at all.

Tell us, though, what are you hoping to see from the Rangers of the New Republic spinoff? Take to the comments section and share your thoughts.