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Crisis On Infinite Earths Fans Going Crazy Over Lucifer’s Cameo

The appearance of Lucifer in Crisis On Infinite Earths was a very welcome and pleasant surprise for fans last night, and they're going crazy over it.


The cameos of “Crisis On Infinite Earths” keep on coming, and last night’s part three treated us to the delightful surprise of none other than Lucifer Morningstar himself.

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When the litany of casting announcements began to come out, fans were eager to know if the former King of Hell would make an appearance, a possibility due to Lucifer being a Vertigo comic and therefore under the aegis of DC, and speculation was only amplified after Tom Ellis was spotted on set in Vancouver. However, rumors were quashed by Ellis himself, who flat-out stated he wasn’t involved and was merely in town for a friend’s birthday, and of the crossover declared “Hard pass. Sorry.” It’s now evident that his being “economical with the truth” was a ruse intended to preserve the surprise for fans, only slightly given away beforehand by the familiar LA establishing shot and the caption of Earth-666.

Folks were suitably ecstatic at the reveal, none more so than the Lucifer fandom, some of whom are not especially enamored with the Arrowverse but still tuned in for a 90-second cameo from their favorite Lightbringer.

Lucifer showing up in full party regalia with a beautiful woman on either arm and immediately flirting with Mia and Diggle shows the character can be relied upon to be exactly the same in any continuity, while the suggested past between himself and Constantine that somehow involves the latter helping out Lucifer’s friend and demonic bounty hunter Maze is something that badly requires future expansion.

Of course, “Crisis on Infinite Earths” also featured a throwaway appearance from Birds of Prey’s Huntress last night and Jim Corrigan having ascended to become the Spectre (the circumstances of which further suggest that Oliver will take on the mantle of the Avenging Wrath of the Murdered Dead himself), but the brief fix of Lucifer’s salacious charm has clearly made the biggest impact, and has now left fans impatient for the upcoming final season of his own show.