Lucifer Heading Back Into Production Later This Month


Lucifer season 5A finally landed on Netflix last month, with the eight episodes ending on a whopping cliffhanger, as God himself (Dennis Haysbert) came down to Earth to stop his kids from fighting. Fans are desperate to see what happens next, then, but unfortunately, we’re a ways off from getting season 5B on the streaming site. The good news, though, is that filming is set to resume on the show very shortly. Later this month, in fact.

Work on season 5 was 95% done, according to exec producer Chris Rafferty, prior to production being shut down over the pandemic. With the TV industry cranking back up again, though, it’s been confirmed that Lucifer will be one of the first shows heading back to shoot. Warner Bros. Television is currently eyeing a start date of September 24th and the first job is to complete the second half of the season finale, before rolling straight into season 6.

It’s also believed that some reshoots may need to be done on the finale in order to accommodate the fact that it’s no longer the last ever episode of the show, as season 6 was only officially announced in May. It’s currently unknown how many episodes have been ordered for the show’s definitively final season, so we can’t say right now how long the shoot will last. What’s On Netflix, however, estimates that season 5B won’t hit Netflix until the second or third quarter of 2021.

This would then mean that season 6 won’t arrive until at the earliest winter 2021, but much more likely sometime in 2022. In a way that’s good, though, as it means that the end of Lucifer is still a far way off. But it does mean the wait for new episodes is going to be agonizing. As Rafferty told fans on social media, until we get some news about a release date for 5B, “rewatching is your friend!”