Lucifer Season 6 Scripts Are Now Complete, Production Continues


After a couple of resurrections, Lucifer is finally coming to an end. Netflix originally saved it from going to TV hell after FOX cancelled the DC show three seasons in, then the streamer granted it one more batch of episodes to wrap up its storyline when season 4 proved so popular. Following its renewal this summer for yet another run, however, the team has been busy on the sixth and final outing of the supernatural crime drama, and recently we got word that the scripts are now complete.

At the end of October, showrunner Ildy Modrovich shared a screenshot of the team’s last ever virtual writers room session, with all participants seen blowing a kiss at the camera. “Last day in the Lucifer Writer’s Room,” Modrovich wrote on Twitter. “These people inspire me beyond words. How is it that a heart can feel so full and yet be breaking at the same time?”

Though the scripting stage is finished, production continues on Lucifer season 6. Things kicked off last month following the additional filming needed for the season 5 finale, which was held up due to the pandemic. It’s been confirmed that the delay ended up being helpful, too, as the writers were able to tweak the episode to leave it more open-ended, now that they knew they were getting a sixth season.

The second half of season 5 is all wrapped up, then, which means Netflix will hopefully air those eight episodes sometime early next year. Remember, the kids gloves are off now as God himself (Dennis Haysbert) has descended from the Silver City to sort out his squabbling children, Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and his evil twin Michael and Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside).

As for what season 6 has in store, EP Joe Henderson has promised that he thinks fans will be satisfied with how Lucifer is going to end as it’ll conclude the surprisingly long-lasting series in a fulfilling and final way. And we can only hope that he’s right.