Lucifer EP Says Fans Will Be Happy With The Series Finale


Last month, Netflix finally officially announced that Lucifer wasn’t ending with its upcoming fifth season but has been renewed for season 6 as well. This one will really be it for Lucifer Morningstar, however, following the series’ miraculous resurrection on the streaming service after being dropped by FOX three years in. It’s a while away yet, as we’ve still got both halves of season 5 to go, but the showrunners already know what they’re going to do in the final run.

While speaking to AssignmentX, co-showrunner Joe Henderson first confirmed that himself and fellow EP Ildy Modrovich have planned out what’s to come in season 6 and was then asked if he thinks fans will like how the writers handle the series finale. Henderson is confident they will, promising that it won’t end on a cliffhanger like most seasons and will be “a love letter” to the whole show.

“Oh, yes. It’s very important to us [that fans are happy],” Henderson began. “We’ve done a bunch of cliffhangers – this will be an ending. We’re going to do the ending that we’re going to want as fans. That’s one thing Ildy mentions a lot in interviews, which is so true. We love the show. We love working on it. We love watching it, which is weird, and kind of, I don’t know, egotistical, but we just love the show. We love watching the actors, we love when they surprise us, we love it when a great bit of dialogue is better than we expected. We love it so much. So what you’re going to get is a love letter to the show.”

Lucifer sure does love its cliffhangers. Season 4, for instance, left off with Lucifer having to return to rule over Hell in order to stop its demonic inhabitants from escaping to Earth – just as the devil and Chloe finally voiced their feelings for each other. Cliffhangers are a great way of hyping us up for the next run, but it would be pretty frustrating if the whole show concluded with a giant question. Fortunately, the writers have clearly got something much more satisfying up their sleeves.

Season 5A is set to hit Netflix on August 21st. Production on season 5B is then expected to kick off again this fall, after being halted due to the pandemic. Then we’ve got all of season 6 to go. As such, there’s really no need to start mourning anytime soon, as Lucifer ain’t going anywhere just yet.