Lucifer Showrunner Apologizes For Season 5 Delay


Lucifer fans should be used to waiting for new episodes, but even they’re getting antsy about the wait for season 5. The much-loved show originally premiered on Fox in 2016, but was cancelled in 2018 after three seasons. The fans didn’t give up, though, successfully campaigning to get it picked up by Netflix. This second chance resulted in a fourth season which released in May 2019.

It’s now been a year though and season 5 is in the can and fans are itching for it to be aired. So, when’s it happening? Well, we don’t know just yet. Netflix are keeping their lips sealed, only saying that it’ll be “soon,” and fans are getting frustrated. Showrunner Ildy Modrovich empathizes with them, too, and in response to folks complaining that they’ve been “Forever waiting for “SOON”!”, she replied:

“I know! Feel free to be annoyed. I thought it’d be sooner than it’s been. Oof.”

Fortunately, Lucifer fans seem to be a reasonable bunch. A skim of the replies indicates that they’re aware that the COVID-19 pandemic has slammed the brakes on the entertainment industry and there’s not much the production team can do about it. Modrovich responded to a reply telling people to “chill” because there’s nothing the Lucifer team can do about what’s going on with the world, saying:

“This is true. So many more important things need the world’s attention. Need OUR attention”.

User @biebshus accurately summarized the fan feelings on this, stating:

“yeah the truth we want so much to finally know the release date of s5 or get any content, but we are understand that maybe it’s not time for that, because as you said, they’re more important things that need the world’s attention.. but y’know we’are still hoping..”

Unless there are problems with VFX or other post-production tasks, I can’t see what the delay is for Netflix. But given that season 4 aired just over a year ago, I hope they reveal a date sooner rather than later. At least Lucifer fans can hold onto the knowledge that season 6 is now confirmed.