The Weight Of Harlem Rests On Luke Cage’s Shoulders In Latest Clip For Season 2


Luke Cage is, at his very core, a reluctant hero.

He didn’t ask for his incredible powers, nor did he crave the limelight in the vein of Tony Stark. But when push comes to shove, and the fate of Harlem hangs in the balance, Mike Colter’s Hero for Hire steps up to the plate. And that’s exactly what we see unfold in today’s newly-unveiled clip for Luke Cage season 2.

Pegged to arrive via Netflix on June 22nd, Marvel’s latest dose of TV goodness sees Power Man come face-to-face with his new adversary: John McIver (AKA the Bushmaster), a supercharged opponent with more strength and cunning intelligence than Diamondback and Cottonmouth combined. And it appears his presence is enough to leave the residents of Harlem quaking in their boots.

Case in point: up above you’ll see a number of concerned citizens asking Luke Cage to put an end to Bushmaster’s reign before things get out of hand, with one suggestion including a nod to HBO’s Game of Thrones and the one true dragon queen, Daenerys Targaryen.

On a more personal level, Mike Colter’s titular lead still appears to be adjusting to his newfound fame as he walks the streets of Harlem – remember, The Defenders ended with our TV heroes saving New York City from total annihilation. So it’s only fitting that he’s getting some attention for his heroic efforts, right?

We are, at the time of writing, exactly one month out from the Netflix premiere of Luke Cage season 2, and with talk of a darker story and more fistfights, we’re already counting down the days until it arrives.