Mad Men Season 6 Heads To Hawaii

Deadline is reporting that season six of Mad Men will be heading to Hawaii for a quick two day shoot. The only actors involved in the shoot will be Jon Hamm and Jessica Pare, who play Don and Megan on AMC’s hit show.

No details are known about why they’ll be shooting down there but apparently the scenes will be shown in Mad Men‘s season six premiere.

Personally, I can’t think of any reason why Don and Megan would find themselves in Hawaii. Perhaps the two are taking a vacation? They definitely could use one, especially after the strain that was put on their relationship last season.

Either way, the beautiful island setting will be a nice change of scenery from the usual New York office buildings.

Season six is still a long ways away but in the meantime, feel free to speculate in the comments below on why Mad Men is shooting in Hawaii.