Maggie Grace Sets Her Sights On Californication

Deadline is reporting that Lost alumna Maggie Grace is all set to appear on the next season of Californication. She’ll have a nine-episode arc playing the role of Faith, “a former Catholic school girl-turned-groupie who has been on the road with various bands for years and is considered a muse to elite artists.”

She eventually crosses paths with Hank Moody (David Duchovny) and the two become friends, which leads to something more. If you’ve seen the show then you’ll know that it’s very likely that Faith will end up in bed with Hank at one point.

What’s interesting to note is that her part was designed with a regular option behind it, meaning Showtime could do a spinoff centered on her character, if they wish. Whether they will or not is another question but they do have the option.

What do you think? Will Grace make a good addition to the show?