Major Action Scene From The Book Of Boba Fett Reportedly Revealed

Boba Fett

Next month’s Disney Plus Day will be a showcase for all of the hottest incoming titles headed to the Mouse House’s streaming service, and we can expect The Book of Boba Fett to have a major presence.

The first poster confirmed a December 29 release date, and with an official synopsis making the rounds shortly afterwards teasing the first plot details, we can’t be too far away from a trailer. Executive producer and occasional director Robert Rodriguez has teased that he’s planning to over-deliver on fan expectations, and a major action sequence from the show has reportedly been revealed by Star Wars News Net.

As per the report, Temuera Morrison’s badass bounty hunter will be encountering a rancor. Not just that, but the longtime fan favorite is set to end up potentially taming the beast. While the description is light on specifics, Boba is said to end up on the back of the rancor, so he’s either trying to kill it or ride it into battle through the streets of Tatooine.

The Disney Plus roster of shows set in a galaxy far, far away have sought to straddle the divide between propelling the mythology forward and delivering fan service on an epic scale, but it would be an understatement to say that Boba Fett mounting an armored rancor and using it as a hulking weapon of mass destruction would fall firmly into the latter camp. That doesn’t mean it won’t be awesome, because it sounds cool as f*ck.