The Mandalorian Fans Have Now Forgiven Baby Yoda For Eating Frog Lady’s Eggs


In something that would have sounded unthinkable last year but makes perfect sense within the context of 2020, Baby Yoda faced some online backlash last week after his antics in The Mandalorian. The critter found himself a little peckish during a trip through outer space, and ended up snacking on the spawn of the Frog Lady, who Mando was charged with transporting to safety.

However, despite the moments being played entirely for comic relief complete with mischievous musical cues and plenty of adorable reaction shots, some people were aghast at Baby Yoda’s behavior, so much so that the show was coming under fire for glorifying genocide, which is about as insane as it sounds.

After certain sections on the internet rounded on a puppet that’s part of a sci-fi TV series with absolutely no basis in reality and accused him of being a cold-blooded murderer, this week’s episode saw them instantly forgive The Child after he retaliated with a swift and effective cuteness offensive.

The reunion between the Frog Lady and her husband was a surprisingly emotional moment, even though Baby Yoda was still lurking the background ready to devour even more of the couple’s spawn. And all it took was for Mando’s sidekick to be attacked by a bowl of soup and then placed into a makeshift daycare center by his adopted father figure and everyone was instantly back on the little guy’s side. It would be an understatement to say that the whole thing was blown out of proportion in the first place, but The Mandalorian‘s main dynamic has now returned to normal and Baby Yoda has reclaimed his status as a beloved pop culture icon.