The Mandalorian Season 3 Will Reportedly Feature A Fan Favorite Villain

The Mandalorian

According to sources close to WGTC – the same ones who told us Ahsoka is coming to live-action and [SPOILERS] would be revealed as a traitor in The Rise of Skywalker – Lucasfilm is looking to feature a live-action version of Thrwan in its critically acclaimed Disney+ series The Mandalorian, and probably in season 3.

There can be little doubt that the Star Wars saga owes much of its popularity to its fearsome villains. Darth Vader, despite only appearing on screen for about half an hour during the entire Original Trilogy, nonetheless managed to cement himself as one of the most iconic bad guys ever created.

Boba Fett, meanwhile, the bounty hunter who hails from the same warrior planet as the unnamed protagonist of The Mandalorian, is another character that carved out a place in the hearts and minds of fans after his first appearance in 1980’s The Empire Strikes Back. Like Vader himself, Fett is pretty much mute, and never removes his helmet, indicating that the keys to creating an effective villain are simplicity and mystery.

Thrwan, though less widely known than his evil colleagues, definitely belongs in the same ball park as them. Created by writer Timothy Zahn for the 1991 novel Heir to the Empire, Thrawn – born Mitth’raw’nuruodo – is an officer of the Chiss Ascendancy who doubles as Grand Admiral of the Imperial Navy. A sworn enemy to the inhabitants of Mandalore, he’s sure to make for a perfect opponent in future Mandalorian storylines.

The most popular series on Disney’s freshly-launched streaming service by a landslide, The Mandalorian is a technical marvel to industry veterans, and an authentic treat for Star Wars fans. Filmed on sets that incorporate a unique blend of digital and physical elements, the show – like most of George Lucas’ properties – has virtually inexhaustible narrative potential and we can’t wait to see where it goes from here.