The Mandalorian Season 2 Finale Brought Back A Beloved Star Wars Character

The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian season 2 has come to a close in what’s sure to be a bittersweet moment for fans not wanting to wait another year for the series to continue, but Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni have undoubtedly saved the best for last. “Chapter 16: The Rescue” sees Mando reunite with old friends and infiltrate Moff Gideon’s ship to rescue Grogu in the climactic finale, with events finally coming to a head with the former’s unconditional (and reluctant) surrender.

That’s what fans are led to believe, at least.

Despite jettisoning the entire battalion from Gideon’s cruiser, Mando and his allies find themselves cornered and outnumbered as Dark Troopers escape the vacuum of space, returning to serve their master. Just as all hope is lost, however, a lone X-Wing appears and out pops a familiar character. And all the fan art preceding the episode’s debut, it seems, was right on the money.

None other than Jedi Master Luke Skywalker – shown here in his prime and bearing the likeness of a de-aged Mark Hamill – is revealed as the individual contacted by Grogu in “Chapter 14,” and boy, what an entrance he makes. Effortlessly carving a path through the Dark Troopers, Luke swiftly introduces himself as Baby Yoda’s would-be mentor, resulting in a touching goodbye between Mando and the adopted child before they part ways (hopefully temporarily).

A fantastic scene, then, and one that many folks are already hailing as fan service done right, following the largely disappointing Sequel Trilogy. What implications this meeting will have on The Mandalorian going forward remains to be seen, of course, but it goes without saying that we’ll be along for the ride.

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