The Mandalorian Set Photos Reveal First Look At The Skiff


A new batch of photos from the California set of The Mandalorian potentially tease a location where the floor is literally lava, and the characters will be getting around in a little gray skiff.

These images come courtesy of, and while it would sure be nice to know what’s going on in that tunnel, the fake molten rock and the trench running through the middle has understandably led fans to speculate that a lava setting is being prepped for the first live-action Star Wars series. Meanwhile, the nearby skiff may well be awaiting a paint job, though it’s already looking a fair bit like the alleged speeder we saw in previous images.

Though plot details are still pretty vague regarding Jon Favreau’s show, we’re starting to get a sense for the environment this story will explore, with previous set photos giving us a taste of the human and alien characters we’ll be seeing in the area, including plenty of stormtroopers, and even a few of the Death Troopers last seen in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Meanwhile, we’ve finally had our first casting announcements this month, with Pedro Pascal of Narcos and Game of Thrones fame reported to be playing a lead role in the series opposite Gina Carano from Fast & Furious 6 and Deadpool. Those are the two we know for now, though the rumor mill has also offered the suggestion of Predator and Rocky star Carl Weathers.

Time will tell if there’s any substance to that persistent report, but in the meantime, stay tuned for more set material from The Mandalorian as we try to figure out what Lucasfilm has in store for us.