The Mandalorian Theory Says Jar Jar Binks Saved Baby Yoda From Order 66


Despite what Disney and Lucasfilm may have been hoping for internally, last week’s episode of The Mandalorian wasn’t a case of ‘Baby Yoda is dead, long live Grogu,’ but the little guy did get some major gaps in his backstory filled in courtesy of Rosario Dawson’s Ahsoka Tano. As well as having his true name revealed, although it seems unlikely to catch on, audiences discovered that Mando’s surrogate son was present at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant when Anakin Skywalker went on the rampage after Order 66 was executed during Revenge of the Sith.

Some fans were quick to make light of the situation, having a ball with the idea of Baby Yoda doing absolutely nothing as the Younglings were slaughtered, and a new theory (which you can check out in the video up above) has now put forward something even more terrifying. Piecing together various clues, the latest speculation claims that not only is Jar Jar Binks poised to debut in The Mandalorian, but it could be revealed that the Gungan personally rescued Grogu from certain doom and shepherded him to safety.

Not only would this give Jar Jar the redemption arc that’s been heavily rumored recently, but it would also tie The Mandalorian even closer to the overarching narrative established in the movies. After all, George Lucas admitted years ago that the divisive figure was key to the entire Original Trilogy having handed emergency powers to Chancellor Palpatine, which he then used to establish the Empire.

That being said, the theory doesn’t hold much water and is largely based on both huge leaps of logic and Jar Jar actor Ahmed Best’s increased presence in Star Wars-related projects recently, but it would be one hell of a troll job on Jon Favreau’s part if he revealed the franchise’s most hated character as a key figure in Baby Yoda’s journey.