The Mandalorian Theory May Reveal Who Saved Baby Yoda From Order 66


In last week’s episode of The Mandalorian, we finally learned about Baby Yoda’s past, but it was nothing like what we’d imagined.

Ahsoka Tano tapped into The Child’s memories through the Force, whereupon she saw his life in the Jedi Order as a youngling. Apparently, the adorable sidekick underwent years of training with different masters, but after Order 66 and the Jedi Purge, someone in the temple hid him from the slaughter. That’s why Baby Yoda, or Grogu, spent years in hiding and even broke his connection to the Force to avoid the Empire’s reach.

That all changed when the Imperial remnants led by Moff Gideon somehow got wind of the fact that a youngling survived, though, and sent the bounty hunter Din Djarin to retrieve him. While there’s much that we still don’t know about this secret history, we might have an idea as to who helped Baby Yoda survive the 501st and Anakin’s killing of the Jedi Padawans and younglings.

According to a new theory by the folks at ScreenRant, one possible individual who could’ve assisted the character is Jocasta Nu. The canon timeline has confirmed that she survived Order 66, but no one knows how. The librarian was in the Coruscant temple at the time, though, so she might be the one who hid Grogu. It makes sense, too, as we’ve also learned that she spent the next few years struggling to preserve the legacy of the Jedi Order.

“As someone who was stationed at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, Jocasta Nu would be in a position to save Baby Yoda from the Empire,” says ScreenRant. “Her wealth of knowledge about the Jedi and the galaxy as a whole could also mean that she knows much more about Baby Yoda than the average person. Once the Republic fell, Jocasta Nu made it her goal to preserve the Jedi Order’s legacy, and saving Baby Yoda could be one additional way she could accomplish this goal.

Additionally, it’s also possible that the mysterious savior is a surprise character, like Mace Windu, who could’ve survived his duel with Palpatine and snuck in the temple just in time to save Baby Yoda. After all, The Mandalorian has even teased that another Jedi might make an appearance later on in the season when Ahsoka explained how Mando could activate a beacon in an ancient Jedi Temple to ask for help.