The Mandalorian Theory Says A Surprising Phantom Menace Character Could Return


Going into The Mandalorian season 2, everyone wants to know more about Baby Yoda. The Child captured our hearts during the Disney Plus show’s first season last year, so you can bet he’ll continue to be the heart of the series as things carry on. Especially as season 1 ended with Pedro Pascal’s bounty hunter endeavouring to locate Baby Yoda’s people and find him a proper home. This teases that we’ll see more members of Yoda’s mysterious species next time.

But maybe what’ll actually happen is we’ll reunite with one member of the species we’ve already met but who’s hugely overlooked. In The Phantom Menace, Yaddle, a female of Yoda’s kind, served on the Jedi council. She didn’t appear in either of the next two prequels though, so clearly some time in the interim she stepped away from the life of the Jedi. Canon hasn’t confirmed it yet, but this may have saved her life as it’s possible she survived Order 66.

If she did, it makes perfect sense for her to appear in season 2 in order to act as a mentor or mother figure for The Child. There are various ways this could go down, too. ScreenRant, who first came up with this theory, have laid out the three most likely scenarios. One is that Din Djarin succeeds in finding Yoda’s homeworld and Yaddle takes the baby under her wing. Alternatively, their homeworld is lost and Yaddle actively finds Baby Yoda for herself. She may even be the one who put him into protection in the first place.

The third option, meanwhile, is the most shocking, and one that’s been suggested before. Perhaps Yaddle is Baby Yoda’s biological mother, and she stepped away from the Jedi to raise him. The obvious inference is that Yoda is then his father. If there’s a familial connection between them, not just that they’re the same species, that’s an even stronger reason for Yaddle to show up in season 2. Following Yoda’s death, the pair could be the last of their kind left in existence.

The Mandalorian is expected to return to Disney Plus this fall.