The Mandalorian Fans Spot New Goof Involving Gina Carano’s Cara Dune

The Mandalorian

Last week’s episode of The Mandalorian was great fun. It followed Din Djarin and friends as they assaulted an isolated Imperial base on Nevarro, making discoveries that shed some light on why the Imperial remnants are so desperate to capture Baby Yoda. But while there was more than enough to set Star Wars fans’ tongues wagging about the lore implications, the episode has also became known for a very amusing goof.

I’m talking about Jeans Guy, a member of the crew who ended up in a frame during an action sequence and nobody noticed. The fan community quickly embraced this unintentional character, even going so far as to make him his own action figure. Now, they’ve spotted another visible mistake in the episode.

Near the beginning, we see Gina Carano’s Cara Dune taking down a group of bandits who appear to be planning to cook and eat some kind of sentient weasel. The moment seems designed to give Carano an excuse to show off her MMA skills and she brutally dispatches her opponents in a blizzard of fists and blaster bolts. But at the 4:55 mark, the actress rolls over onto her back and we can clearly see a large crash pad for her to land on.

Not only that, but as GamesRadar notes:

Cara Dune returns to that spot just 10 seconds later and, to make matters worse, the fall mat is gone. Of course, we’re thankful that all the performers are safe and protected, but usually that kind of trickery is hidden off-screen or via editing. Not so here. 5:05 is the timestamp for the blink-and-you’ll miss it frame.

Personally, I didn’t notice this first time around (and I didn’t spot Jeans Guy, either), but I find these things charming rather than something to be concerned about. Still, I’m betting that due to the digital nature of The Mandalorian, it won’t be too long before the episode is patched to remove these elements.

That’d be a shame, though, as Star Wars has a long tradition of amusing mistakes. George Lucas even went so far as to make the famous A New Hope background Stormtrooper bonking his head on a door part of Jango Fett’s backstory in Attack of the Clones.

The next episode of The MandaloriantitledThe Jedi” – airs tomorrow. Let’s keep an eye out for any new goofs, and the arrival of Ahsoka Tano, of course.