The Mandalorian Viewership Plummets After Gina Carano’s Firing

The Mandalorian

A third of The Mandalorian‘s fanbase were thrilled when Gina Carano was fired from the show after crossing a line in the eyes of the Disney and Lucasfilm brass, with the cancel culture enthusiasts claiming it as a resounding victory. Of course, they had very little if nothing at all to do with the decision, which was motivated by one post in particular that the studio brass deemed inexcusable.

Another third, meanwhile, instantly rebelled against the Mouse House, turning their fury on Pedro Pascal despite his vocal and public support of his co-star, while the company were accused of blatant double standards. And as for the final third, they simply enjoy The Mandalorian for what it is, an entertaining adventure series set in the Star Wars universe, and they pay no heed to the personal or political opinions of the cast, managing to separate the artists from the art.

However, a new report claims that viewership for The Mandalorian has significantly dropped off since Carano was first given the boot, igniting faint flickers of hope among the #CancelDisneyPlus crowd that their voices may be heard. Then again, it’s also important to remember that the season 2 finale debuted well over two months ago, and the vast majority of subscribers with even the slightest interest in the show will have watched every episode on a weekly basis, and a great deal of them will have binged both seasons at least once since then.

Then there’s the WandaVision effect, which has overshadowed The Mandalorian as the platform’s most buzzworthy title since mid-January. In the grand scheme of things, then, a popular TV series dwindling in viewership eleven weeks after it aired its last brand new episode is hardly a shocking turn of events, though it’s still interesting to note that it happened to coincide with Carano’s dismissal.