The Mandalorian Actor Defends Gina Carano, Says She’s An Absolute Sweetheart

Gina Carano

Stand-up comedian and actor Bill Burr has repeatedly shown his disdain for cancel culture in the past, so when the subject turned to his Mandalorian co-star Gina Carano and her firing by the Mouse House in the latest episode of The Bill Bert Podcast, he got pretty candid about his thoughts on the whole scandalous ordeal.

While Disney’s handling of Star Wars has always been hit-and-miss, no one could deny that The Mandalorian was a surprising and unexpected jackpot that raised the shareholders’ spirits, if nothing else. And besides, it was unironically the least controversial project that Lucasfilm has done since 2012, which says a lot when you consider how the last two movies in the Skywalker Saga were received.

But it seems like the company can’t catch a break, even with their most prized IP. Indeed, while The Mandalorian appeared untouchable in the divisive fanbase and received global recognition and acclaim, we have a feeling that Gina Carano’s dismissal will haunt Jon Favreau’s series for years to come.

And not everyone agrees with Disney’s course of action, including a great many fans. Comedian Bill Burr is the latest figure to speak out about the dilemma, though, and he had nothing but positive words for the actress, as you can see below:

“She was an absolute sweetheart. Super nice f*cking person. And you know, whatever, somehow someone will take this video and f*cking make me say something else and try to get rid of my bald action figure!” He said, referring to toy manufacturer Hasbro canceling Cara Dune’s action figures.

He also further talked about why he thinks the cancel culture is out of control, noting:

“I’m on that f*cking show. Now, I gotta watch what the f*ck I say,” he added. “How it is out there, it’s f*cking crazy time. There’s people waiting, just laying in the weeds. ‘Let’s show that he’s human, and he’s made a mistake in his past and take that dream away.’ How do you hold up you judging somebody that harshly? I’m not talking about the hardcore sh*t like sexual assault and rape and stuff. I’m not talking about that. Now it’s becoming, like, ‘Hey you made an ignorant comparison. There goes your dream.’ I look at that and say ‘Who the f*ck stands up to that?”

Burr has never been known as one to mince his words, which makes it funny when you think that this is him holding back because, as he says, he’s “on that f***ing show.” As for whether the character of Mayfield will be seen next season, it’s still too early to say, but considering all the acclaim the comedian received, the producers will definitely want him to return. Sadly, however, the same cannot be said about his co-star Gina Carano, whom Star Wars seems to have done away with for good.