The Mandalorian’s Next Episode May Bring Back A Beloved Character

The Mandalorian

The season 2 premiere of The Mandalorian certainly didn’t disappoint, and looks to have drawn in massive viewership numbers to further cement a reputation as one of the biggest and most popular TV shows on the planet. The opener told a more self-contained story than a lot of people were expecting given the raft of fan favorite characters set to debut throughout the eight-episode run, but there was still plenty to love about Mando and Baby Yoda’s return.

As well as offering some backstory to the Tusken Raiders and introducing a new cult hero in Timothy Olyphant’s Cobb Vanth, Temuera Morrison’s Boba Fett showed up at the very end of the episode, sending the internet into meltdown. The legendary bounty hunter clearly has designs on reclaiming his armor, but the smart money is on that particular storyline being a slow burner.

The synopsis for tomorrow’s new episode hinted that The Mandalorian will be taking to the water, as the title hero ferries a mysterious passenger with a precious cargo. And the latest speculation is claiming that the Mon Calamari will be involved somehow, which opens the door to a surprise cameo from the beloved Admiral Ackbar.

Fans were upset when the character was killed off in The Last Jedi, but with The Mandalorian taking place between Episodes VI and VII, he’s still alive in the timeline. The Mon Calamari were briefly glimpsed in season 1 when Greef Karga and Mando were discussing possible bounties, and an episode set entirely on the ocean could be headed to Mon Cala and realistically lead to an appearance from the planet’s most famous resident, especially when Din Djarin and his tiny green charge may be walking directly into a trap.