Mark Ruffalo Says All Loki Variants Are Puny Gods


Bruce Banner and Loki have had a rocky relationship in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which is putting it very lightly. The God of Mischief unleashed the Hulk on S.H.I.E.L.D.’s helicarrier in The Avengers in an effort to try and destabilize the team, only to find himself literally beaten into the ground by the giant green rage monster at the end of the movie once Earth’s Mightiest Heroes had fended off the threat of a Chitauri invasion.

Thor: Ragnarok saw them form a tenuous alliance in an attempt to save the citizens of Asgard from Hela’s hostile takeover, but there was plenty of mistrust and barbs being exchanged between the mild-mannered scientist and the trickster throughout their journey from Sakaar and beyond.

Things came full circle in Avengers: Infinity War, when Loki referenced his own defeat several years previously to taunt Thanos, although things didn’t go according to plan when the Hulk was handily stopped by the Mad Titan without much effort at all, before Tom Hiddleston broke the hearts of fans around the world by having his neck snapped by the intergalactic genocidal maniac.

There’s clearly no love lost between the two characters or the stars who brought them to life, with Mark Ruffalo taking to social media to dismiss every single variant found in Disney Plus series Loki as a puny god, which you can see below.

Ruffalo has evidently been keeping a close eye on the show after previously reacting to Loki‘s animated explanation of Ragnarok using salt and pepper shakers, a salad and a soda, but he’s clearly not sold on the idea that the infinite versions of the title hero are of any significance or importance to the Hulk.