Mark Ruffalo Reacts To Loki’s Explanation Of Ragnarok


The rules of time travel always open themselves up to scrutiny, something the Marvel Cinematic Universe already poked fun at in Avengers: Endgame, but Loki took things to new heights with Tom Hiddleston’s hilarious explanation of Ragnarok.

In Taika Waititi’s blockbuster of the same name, the destruction of Asgard came about after Hela, Odin’s eldest child, returned to Asgard following his death. Seeing no other way of stopping her, Thor and Loki unleashed the fire demon Surtur to fulfill his long-held wish to incinerate the planet, with the Allfather’s two sons taking every surviving resident with them into outer space to emigrate to a new home.

To put it lightly, the trickster’s explanation in his Disney Plus series wasn’t quite as in-depth as that. To put it to Mobius M. Mobius how a variant could theoretically use inevitable apocalyptic events to hide in the same place across different realities, he grabbed salt and pepper shakers, along with the TVA employee’s lunchtime salad, and illustrated his point in hilarious fashion.

Mark Ruffalo, one of Thor: Ragnarok‘s major players, was evidently impressed with how simple it turned out to be, as you can see from his reaction below.

After scoring Disney Plus’ biggest premiere ever, Loki has continued to dominate the conversation, with each new episode set to generate plenty of debate, discussion and discourse, but the God of Mischief’s lengthy interactive Ragnarok monologue, complete with props, will take some beating as the funniest moment across the series.