Marvel Fans Are Blown Away By The Loki Finale


Well, that’s it, folks. Another Marvel TV series has ended. Disney Plus debuted the last episode of Loki this Wednesday morning… And MCU fans might need about a week to recover. The season (not series!) finale blew open the doors to the multiverse in a big way, introduced the franchise’s next big bad and broke our hearts into bits just for some extra fun. Big spoilers from this point on.

Episode 6 “For All Time. Always” began with Loki and Sylvie entering the Citadel at the End of Time and encountering He Who Remains – yes, as per every fan theory ever, it’s Kang (Jonathan Majors)! Or at least a Variant of him. He Who Remains warned the pair that killing him would allow a much worse version of himself to seize power – but a vengeful Sylvie did it anyway. When Loki returned to the TVA, he found himself in a new timeline, one where Mobius had no idea who he was and the one and only Kang the Conqueror ruled over the organization.

As you’d expect, fans are struggling to process all that’s happening, with Twitter ablaze with all kinds of reactions. Here’s just a taste at the chaos unfolding online:

That opening with all the audio clips from past movies, though.

And the visuals were something else.

Miss Minutes went from quirky comic relief to evil henchperson real quick.

“Lokius” fans have lost the will to live over Mobius forgetting who Loki is.


Welcome to the phase of pain.

At least we know a season 2 is coming!

After this finale, the Sorcerer Supreme has a lot of work cut out for him in Doctor Strange 2.

It’s official. We’re now in the multiverse of madness.

There’s no word yet on when Loki season 2 could arrive, though it’s potentially already started shooting. The next Marvel series to hit Disney Plus is What If…?, premiering August 11th.