Watch: Marvel Reveals First Footage Of Hailee Steinfeld In Hawkeye


This week’s Disney Investor Day was a bonanza of information for Marvel Cinematic Universe fans, offering up fresh details on projects that are in development and announcing a whole host of new and incredibly exciting ones. The biggest bombshell of all, though, was when Kevin Feige officially confirmed Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop in upcoming Disney Plus series Hawkeye.

Obviously we’re kidding about that last one, because from almost the second the show started shooting a couple of weeks ago, there were set photos making the rounds showing the True Grit star in full costume and hanging out with Jeremy Renner. Steinfeld was rumored to have been cast in the summer, but for some reason, Feige waited until cameras were already rolling and the supporting cast had started to fill out before confirming what everyone already knew.

The 23 year-old is a great choice for the role, though, and fans were more than thrilled to see her sporting a very comic book accurate look in the most recent set of snaps. At the aforementioned Investor Day, Feige let the cat out of the bag weeks after it had already escaped by revealing that the Academy Award nominee was set to inherit the mantle from Renner’s Clint Barton, and also dropped some brief footage of her, which you can see below.

Production on Hawkeye is currently in full swing, with the series expected to arrive on Disney Plus by the end of next year. And after a barren 2020, Phase Four is positively exploding out of the blocks over the next twelve months, with four movies and six TV shows slated to arrive as the MCU looks to make up for lost time.