MCU Fans Are Loving Hailee Steinfeld’s Comic-Accurate Hawkeye Costume


For reasons known only to Marvel Studios, they’ve yet to publicly confirm Hailee Steinfeld as Hawkeye‘s Kate Bishop, despite set photos of the actress making their way online since the very first day of shooting commenced last week. Marvel even announced that Vera Farmiga will be playing her mother Eleanor while apparently forgetting to let everyone know that one of the best young actresses in the business has joined the world’s biggest franchise.

Having endured a barren 2020, fans are unsurprisingly stoked about the sheer volume of MCU content coming down the pipeline. Yesterday brought a series of seismic reveals surrounding Spider-Man 3, while Hawkeye is far from the only Disney Plus series currently shooting, as Ms. Marvel and Loki are both in front of cameras, but images from either set have been difficult to come by recently.

The first look at Steinfeld in full Kate Bishop costume arrived yesterday, though, and the 23 year-old is sporting a very comic book-accurate ensemble. The True Grit star was the frontrunner for the role from almost the first second Hawkeye entered development, and based on the reactions you can see below, it would be fair to say that fans are firmly on board with the choice of leading lady.

Of course, Steinfeld is poised to become a major part of the MCU moving forward as the franchise continues to cycle out the roster of Phase One heroes in favor of new blood, with Jeremy Renner taking a backseat as Clint Barton becomes a mentor to his young protege. Hawkeye is tentatively penciled in to arrive on Disney Plus next fall, and barring any unexpected setbacks, the show should be more than capable of hitting that date with production now in full swing.