Spider-Man 2099 TV Show Reportedly Coming To Disney Plus


I loved Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, but when all the various Spider-Men were teaming up at the end I couldn’t help but think that there was one missing. I’m talking about Spider-Man 2099 aka Miguel O’Hara. Fortunately, I didn’t have to wait long to get my wish, as my fave alt-Spidey made a last-minute appearance during the credits. It turns out Sony hadn’t forgotten about him.

Now, we’re hearing that things might be looking up for the character, too, as it’s being reported that Sony Pictures and Disney are joining forces to give him his own Disney+ show. The rumor comes via Bounding Into Comics’ Mikey Sutton, who’s said he received a phone call tipping him off that a Spider-Man 2099 show is under consideration.

“Spider-Man is coming to television. It just won’t be Peter Parker. I received a phone call earlier this evening letting me know that a Spider-Man 2099 live-action show has been discussed for Disney+. In other words, this’ll be a Sony-Marvel Studios collaboration if it is greenlit with Kevin Feige manning the controls. I know quite little of this property, and while I usually try to dig deeper before releasing a story such as this, this source has been accurate in the past. I will continue to ask around and keep you all updated.”

If you’re not familiar with the concept, here’s how Spidey 2099 works. In 1992, Marvel launched their ‘2099’ comics line, imagining what their iconic heroes might be like far into the future. There was Fantastic Four 2099, Hulk 2099, X-Men 2099 and the awesome Doom 2099 (which was just 616 Doctor Doom wreaking havoc).

By far the most successful though was Spider-Man 2099, a cyberpunk thriller set in ‘Nueva York’ featuring a geneticist who had half his DNA overwritten with that of a spider. In addition to the typical Spidey power set, he had extremely sensitive hearing and vision, razor-sharp talons in his fingers and toes that allow him to wall-climb, and venom glands in his fanged teeth. The concept proved so popular that when Marvel resurrected the 2099 range last year, Spider-Man 2099 was front and center.

Interestingly, Sony toyed with the idea of an animated Spider-Man 2099 show in 1999, though they concluded that it’d end up too similar to Batman Beyond and it never got past the planning stage. I can’t imagine this being an MCU production, though it’d be undeniably neat to see the far future and how things look decades on from the movies.