Attilan Royalty Takes Center Stage In The Latest Character Posters For Marvel’s Inhumans


Marvel and ABC’s eight-part Inhumans series is now teetering on the verge of its IMAX premiere – September 1st is the date for your diaries – though it’s fair to say that excitement for Marvel’s Royal Family has been tempered by lukewarm reviews and other criticisms.

However that may be, the Powers That Be are still pulling out all the stops to ensure Inhumans enjoys the biggest premiere possible, with today heralding the arrival of seven – count ’em, seven – character posters that gather together all of the core members of Attilan. Conspicuous by his absence? Iwan Rheon’s Maximus. The former Game of Thrones actor recently conceded that he was somewhat hesitant about signing on to play the younger, unruly sibling to Anson Mount’s Black Bolt, and if SpoilerTV’s damning review of the pilot is anything to go by, Rheon’s initial fears may well turn out to be true.

Of course, that’s the glass-half-empty estimation. Everyone involved in Marvel’s Inhumans series has been quick to defend the small-screen project, with executive producer Jeph Loeb even going so far as to suggest that the show itself isn’t quite finished. One way or another, below you’ll find new looks at Anson Mount as Black Bolt, Serinda Swan as Medusa, Eme Ikwuakor as Gorgon, Ken Leung as Karnak, Sonya Balmores as Auran, Ellen Woglom as Louise, Mike Moh as Triton and Isabelle Cornish as Crystal.

As the first reviews begin pouring online, one common complaint that has been levelled against Inhumans is the way in which it’s rendered Medusa’s flame-red hair. However, Serinda Swan, the actress on board to play the alluring Attilan, has a different line of thought:

It’s never been done before so there are going to be issues. There are going to be trial and tribulations. I think there was software that actually had to be built with it. If we only did things that were perfect we would never start and so it’s a phenomenal start.

Directed by Roel Reiné, Marvel has arranged for the opening two episodes of Inhumans to screen via select IMAX theaters from September 1st, before the company’s starry family drama relocates to ABC on September 29th. The inaugural season will stretch for eight episodes in total, though the real question is whether Marvel’s Royal Family can secure a future amid lowly reviews.