Marvel’s What If…? Just Turned A Forgotten Character Into A Fan Favorite

What If T'Challa

There’s a lot to love about today’s What If…? episode. Quite rightly, much of the love is being directed at the much-missed Chadwick Boseman’s brilliant performance as a version of T’Challa who became Star-Lord. But there were a variety of scene-stealing side characters around him, too. Good Guy Thanos. Blonde Nebula. Boss-Level Collector… And let’s not forget T’Challa’s biggest fanboy, Korath the Pursuer.

As played by Djimon Hounsou, Korath has appeared in two Marvel movies – 2014’s Guardians of the Galaxy and 2019’s Captain Marvel. Despite this, he’s always been a bit of blank slate as a character, acting as a humorless henchman to Ronan in GotG and then just one of the StarForce team in CM. What If…? episode 2 finally fleshed him out, however, by reimagining him as a good-natured Star-Lord obsessive who’s desperate to join his crew.

Though he’s previously been a bit of a forgettable character, then, the animated Korath has instantly become a firm fan favorite.

Famously, when Peter Quill dramatically revealed that he was Star-Lord in Guardians, Korath had never heard of him. In this reality, however, Korath is T’Challa’s biggest fan.


Bask in his glory.


Can we get more of fanboy Korath, please?

Well, the good news is that it’s a possibility. It’s been confirmed that Boseman lent his voice to at least two more episodes this season, which leaves the door open for a return to this reality. Episode 2 did end on a cliffhanger, as Ego located his son Quill on Earth, suggesting a retelling of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is about to take place. Even if he doesn’t feature again on the show, hopefully Hounsou will get to play this adorable version of Korath again in live-action.

Marvel’s What If…? continues next week on Disney Plus.