Matt Ryan Wants Zatanna/Constnatine Pairing On Legends Of Tomorrow

Legends of Tomorrow

Since Matt Ryan joined the Waverider as a regular time traveller on Legends of Tomorrow season 3, the show has dug deep into the occult detective’s mythology. And over on “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” we even got a Constantine/Lucifer crossover. If it was up to the Arrowverse star himself, though, we’d be getting another member of the Justice League Dark on the series: DC’s sorceress supreme, Zatanna Zatarra.

While speaking to, Ryan explained that he would love to have Constantine meet Zatanna in the Arrowverse. Though he’s explored the relationship between the two magic-users in DC animated movies, he hasn’t got to take a crack at it yet in live-action and that’s something he’d really like to tick off.

“The relationship with Zatanna is something that I’ve not explored in live action; that’s one character that I would love to see John in live action.”

Ryan then went on to admit that he would be disappointed if another actor got to bring the Constantine/Zatanna romance to life before he had the chance. This ties into his admission in the same interview that he’s willing to hop over to HBO Max’s upcoming Justice League Dark TV series, as produced by J.J. Abrams, to play the Hellblazer.

Unfortunately for Ryan, and his fans who would no doubt want to see him retain the role across all media, the signs are pointing to Abrams and HBO Max wanting their own cast for JLD, likely made up of major names. Both Constantine and Zatanna are expected to lead the show, as they head up the team in The New 52 comics. So, that probably means The CW won’t be cleared to make use of Zatanna in the Arrowverse anytime soon. Still, there’s plenty more fun stuff that Legends of Tomorrow can do with Constantine going forward.