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An iconic ’80s song skyrockets to the top of the iTunes charts after that ‘Stranger Things’ scene

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Spoiler alert for Stranger Things season four episode four, “Dear Billy”

A classic ’80s track has skyrocketed (or rather, run-up) to the top of the iTunes charts after it was featured in what fans are calling the best scene in Stranger Things season four.

In episode four, “Dear Billy”, Max (Sadie Sink) is being hunted by Vecna in the Upside Down. All seems lost for Hawkins’ resident redhead until Dustin and the squad play her favorite song — Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill (Deal with God)” — and open up a portal to the real world. Max then makes a run for the portal, avoiding falling debris as her IRL body ascends and the song plays. It’s a wickedly good scene.

The song skyrocketed to the number one spot on the US iTunes charts after the episode was released on Friday. According to The Wrap, it’s the first time Bush’s iconic track has hit the top of the streaming charts since its premiere in 1985. It peaked at no. 3 in the UK’s singles charts, per the outlet.

So it should come as no surprise Stranger Things fans have been frothing over the song since they watched the scene. Folks on TikTok joked they were “not okay” after the scene and couldn’t stop listening to the song’s chorus.

“I’m never going to be able to listen to this song without being stressed out of my mind again. Just hearing it now is making my heart rate speed up and my hands shake. Thanks, Stranger Things,” said one TikToker.

“Finishing Stranger Things season four and immediately making this song the soundtrack to my life for the next two weeks until the sounds of it makes me violent,” added another.

Several on Twitter said the scene might be the best in the season or even the show.

“‘Dear Billy’ is genuinely the best episode in the entirety of Stranger Things. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. The last five minutes? Masterpiece. The incorporation of “Running Up That Hill”? Incredible. Sadie Sink? Emmy award-worthy,” one joked.

“The tension, the music, the symbolism. Max has been so well written this season,” added another.

In related news, Netflix fans have mourned the loss of this short-lived Stranger Things couple. Fans were also left wondering if the showrunners the Duffer brothers had casually hinted that a beloved character was queer after years of speculation.

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