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MCU continuity thrown into question thanks to that ‘She-Hulk’ ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ reference

Perhaps the timeline is broken?

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After nine weeks She-Hulk has finally reached its end, but it wasn’t without plenty of reveals, twists, and throwbacks in its final episode. However, one throwback might have caused a continuity error.

Before we get into this piece be warned that it will include mild spoilers for the She-Hulk finale, so be wary if you haven’t yet seen it.

As pointed out by The Direct, during the midpoint of the episode when Pug infiltrates the secret Intelegencia meeting, one of the attendees can be heard spitting a misogynistic rant that references not only She-Hulk herself, but also Thor: Love and Thunder’s Jane Foster AKA The Mighty Thor.

“Why does there even need to be a She-Hulk? It’s not like there’s a He-Hulk. And Lady Thor… Guys, she just sucks. Okay? And I’m not just saying that because she’s a female. I would have the exact same criticisms if she was a man.”

The problem? According to the Disney Plus MCU timeline, She-Hulk takes place before the events of Thor: Love and Thunder so it isn’t exactly clear how this guest would know of the existence of The Mighty Thor.

Before fans start to panic, there are many reasons why this error could have occurred with the most simple being that the Disney Plus timeline order is simply wrong. Another justification is that perhaps the show takes place around the same time as Thor: Love and Thunder and therefore people in-universe have recently learned of The Mighty Thor.

Whatever the reason, fortunately calling continuity into question here doesn’t take away from the enjoyment fans were able to derive from the show’s finale. If you haven’t yet seen it for yourself, the episode can be streamed on Disney Plus right now.

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