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MCU fan theory thinks ‘Ms. Marvel’ is building towards an incursion

The Disney Plus show might have an MCU-shattering ending.

Ms. Marvel
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Warning: This article contains spoilers for Ms. Marvel episode three.

This week’s third episode of Ms. Marvel was its most significant yet as it finally offered up some answers about the origins of Kamala Khan’s powers. Fans have had to adjust to the MCU stripping away the teen heroine’s connections to the Inhumans, but in its place the Disney Plus show has tied Kamala into the Marvel multiverse in ways that may just connect up with a cataclysmic concept introduced in Doctor Strange 2.

Spoilers incoming!

Episode three establishes that Kamala’s great-grandmother was one of the Clandestines, a group of djinn who are looking to use Kamala’s bangle to open a gateway to their own realm, the Noor dimension. Kamala is initially willing to help them in their quest until her friend Bruno reveals that doing so could have dire consequences for the world. It’s unclear exactly what could happen if things went awry, but one compelling theory may just provide the answer.

As pitched by Murphy’s Multiverse, what if the big boom that Bruno speaks of is actually an incursion? As revealed in Doctor Strange 2, messing with the multiverse can result in two universes colliding, a disastrous process that is called an incursion. It’s unclear if two dimensions crashing together can likewise be classified as an incursion, but if so, it’s possible that Ms. Marvel might be building up to an event that could change the MCU forever.

As per this theory, the Clandestines will ultimately succeed in using Kamala’s bangle to open a doorway to the Noor dimension, and in doing so will initiate an incursion. This world-shattering event would then, the theory says, tee up the Secret Wars movie that everyone is convinced Marvel has got cooking. While it might seem a bit soon for this to be set up, it’s worth remembering that Kevin Feige has teased that the next big MCU event will take shape very soon.

So could Ms. Marvel be heading towards an MCU-altering explosion? Catch new episodes Wednesdays on Disney Plus to find out.

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