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What do we know about the Noor Dimension in ‘Ms. Marvel?’

The strange dimension is supposedly home to some even stranger beings.

Ms. Marvel
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The first season of Ms. Marvel is already shaking up the MCU.

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On top of adding a new hero to Marvel’s roster of young up-and-comers, the series has also introduced a potentially sinister new group. Introduced in episode three as Djinn, the collection of powerful beings supposedly hails from another dimension. Considering that Kamala’s great-grandmother was once among their ranks, this new group is of particular interest to viewers, many of whom are still unsure of their intentions following the events of episode three. The Djinn, who also call themselves the ClanDestine, claim to simply seek a return to their home dimension, but can they actually be trusted?

For that matter, little is known about the realm from which they hail: the Noor Dimension. It’s gotten a few mentions in the Disney Plus show so far, but viewers have yet to learn much about the mysterious alternate dwelling. What is it, where is it, and how might it affect the next three episodes of Ms. Marvel?

What is the Noor Dimension?

Ms. Marvel
Ms. Marvel/Disney Plus

Exceedingly little has been revealed about the Noor Dimension in Ms. Marvel thus far. It cropped up in a conversation early in episode three during a discussion between Kamala and Kamran’s mother, Najma. Najma revealed to Kamala that she and her companions, along with Kamala’s great-grandmother, were banished from their own realm decades ago. Ever since, they’ve been searching for a way to return home.

Noor translates to “light,” according to Kamala, which loosely means that her grandmother and peers hail from the “light dimension.” Based on the way Najma talks about it, however, it seems to be far more than a straightforward location. Instead of referring to a planet, or even a collection of planets, Noor appears to also be a form of energy. Like the Force in Star Wars, it seems like something that only certain people can access, an inner — and perhaps outer — power that grants them unique abilities.

Najma indicates that Kamala “unlocked” access to her own Noor when she put the bangle on. It doesn’t work the same way for the Noor Dimension natives, however. Najma notes that they can’t access their full power while in the current dimension, but proposes that, perhaps because Kamala was born in this dimension, she can access her Noor even while distanced from the OG realm.

Najma seems to think that Kamala can use the bangle to help her and the others return home, but has yet to reveal how, exactly. There’s also the question of the mysterious second bangle, which is supposedly necessary to return the Djinn to their home dimension. Until Kamala and the others can track it down — a task that will undoubtably be quite the challenge — she may not be able to acquiesce to the Djinn’s request.

Even if she does manage to return the Djinn to the Noor Dimension, there’s no guarantee that they’ll be welcomed back. They were exiled, after all, and their unnaturally long lives indicate that long memories are likely a staple of Noor culture. Whatever they did to be expelled is likely to prevent them from returning without a fight.

For now, all we know is what’s been revealed in Ms. Marvel and the tiny amount of information that’s been dropped in Marvel comics. Noor, or the Light Dimension in the comics, is a dimensional reality brimming with energy ⏤ photonic energy, to be precise. It’s tied to Captain Marvel lore and could have plenty of secrets to reveal over the course of the Disney Plus series.

In the MCU, it’s thus far been restricted to an alternate dimension that houses people with spectacular abilities. So, in MCU canon, really not that different from Earth. Particularly if not all Noor citizens are super-powered, it sounds like the dimension is essentially a parallel to Earth-616. Unless, of course, Najma stretched the truth during her chat with Kamala. If there is more to the Noor Dimension than the Djinn have revealed thus far, it could be a far more complicated — even sinister — addition to the MCU’s rapidly-expanding library of planets and dimensions.

Until Ms. Marvel decides to reveal more, we, unfortunately, remain in the dark.