MCU fans can’t get enough of May Calamawy’s ‘Moon Knight’ training video

scarlet scarab moon knight
Image via Marvel Studios

The Moon Knight finale ironically saw Oscar Isaac’s titular hero upstaged by someone else. Namely, his own wife, Layla El-Faouly, as May Calamawy’s character, became a superpowered protector herself. After agreeing to become the avatar of sassy hippopotamus goddess Tawaret, Layla transformed into the Scarlet Scarab — and fans haven’t been the same since.

Folks were blown away by Layla’s power-upgrade as Calamawy made a big impression as Scarlet Scarab in just a brief chunk of screentime. And this newly revealed training video makes clear just how much she threw herself into the role. In the wake of the first She-Hulk trailer, Redditor Rakalimon took to the Marvel Studios subreddit to share the behind-the-scenes look at the actress getting in shape for the Disney Plus show.

“In further badass women news,” the OP wrote, “here is May Calamawy training for Moon Knight.”

The post quickly trended on the site, with people losing it over Calamawy’s skill. Particularly when it comes to her weapons training. Winter Soldier who?

Bucky Barnes needs to watch out ’cause someone’s coming for his crown.

We’re pretty sure we wouldn’t be as calm in that guy’s situation.

Remember that girl who was wowed by Layla being an “Egyptian superhero” in the Moon Knight finale? She’s not the only one who wants to be like May Calamawy when they grow up…

… Regardless of whether they’re already grown up or not.

But, hey, why wait for the future? Maybe we should all be more like Calamawy now.

Much has been said about how meaningful Layla becoming the Scarlet Scarab was, and it’s clear from this video that Calamawy committed to her superhero role completely. So if there’s any justice in the MCU, we haven’t seen the last of Layla in the franchise by a long shot. To date, though, it’s unclear if Moon Knight will be getting a second season or not. For the moment, you can relive the first batch of episodes on Disney Plus.