MCU Fans Spot Secret X-Men Message Hidden In WandaVision


Every new installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the subject of intense dissection from fans, who analyze each frame to try and pick up on subtle clues hidden throughout the story, which may or may not even be there. That’s become especially true of WandaVision, which has rewritten the rules of the mythology to the extent that nothing can be ruled out, no matter how far-fetched it might initially seem.

Not a lot of people were expecting Evan Peters to reprise his role as Quicksilver from Fox’s X-Men franchise, while subtle references to deep cuts from Marvel lore have been hidden in the background of every episode. In fact, the latest theory claims that a nod towards the merry band of mutants has been buried within WandaVision, so deep that it’s only able to be discovered by those with a knowledge of Semaphore.

Semaphore is the method of using two flags to signal messages via an alphabetic code, and is most widely used these days in aviation. An enterprising sleuth has now deduced a coded message to the X-Men said to be contained within the various clock faces seen in WandaVision‘s second episode, and as explains:

In what may be one of the deeper rabbit holes about WandaVision, the theory is that various shots of clocks and watches – while not individually significant – are collectively spelling out the word “X-Men.”

While on the surface it might seem like an incredible stretch of the imagination, let’s not forget that James Gunn has placed several Easter Eggs across his two Guardians of the Galaxy movies that fans have been trying to uncover for years to no avail, so it’s definitely not the craziest theory we’ve ever head.

Even by Marvel’s standards, that would be some expert-level trolling to hide an X-Men reference so deep in WandaVision that you need to have a knowledge of Semaphore to see it, but it definitely can’t be ruled out.