Meet Dwight Schrute’s Family On NBC’s The Farm

As NBC moves forward with its Office spin-off titled The Farm, featuring Rainn Wilson reprising his role as Dwight Schrute, the network has announced which of Dwight’s family members will join him on the show.

Screen Rant is reporting that the potential new series will revolve around Dwight and his siblings reuniting after they inherit their family’s beet farm, which also doubles as a bed and breakfast.

While it’s currently unknown which actors will be joining Wilson on his new sitcom, the characters joining Dwight on his new business venture include the following.

First, is Dwight’s younger sister Fannie. Despite trying to make it on her own in Boston, Fannie is forced to give up her urban ways and has to move back to the Schrute farm after her divorce.

Fannie, who has been described as having an ironic sense of humor, will be bringing her nine-year-old son Cameron with her. Dwight’s nephew, who is known to be slightly weird, feels linked to his family, especially his uncles.

Dwight and Fannie’s brother, Jeb, is seeking redemption on the family farm too as his previous career endeavors haven’t been successful.

Despite the Schrute siblings’ good intentions, their manipulative great uncle Heinrich Manheim joins them on the farm as well. He’s said to make an impression on the family after vowing to kill Dwight by the end of the first episode.

The Farm will have a backdoor pilot in an episode of the ninth season of The Office. NBC will officially determine the spin-off’s potential success depending on how well the episode does.

With Dwight’s popularity on the flagship show, it seems highly likely NBC will move forward with The Farm. The network needs another hit, with The Office past its prime, and Dwight and his family seem like a promising prospect to draw in ratings.

What do you think? Will The Farm become the next Office?