Meet The #1 Animated Show On Netflix Today

It’s not like there aren’t some incredible animated shows on NetflixKipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts, Bojack Horseman, and Avatar: The Last Airbender just to name a few. Still, a brand new show came out of nowhere in 2021 and has blown all of these shows out of the water. It’s so popular that according to stats from FlixPatrol, it’s currently the seventh most popular TV show on the entire platform.

Featuring voice talent from the likes of Dee Bradly Baker (from Phineas and Ferb and American Dad) and Kari Wahlgren (Rick and Morty) it’s not a surprise to see Sharkdog is currently so popular with kids, parents, and maybe a few children at heart alike.

“10 year old Max and his best friend Sharkdog – half shark, half dog, all appetite. Blissfully unaware of his own strength, stealth and general sharkiness, Sharkdog often leaves a trail of chaos in his wake.”

Synopsis from Netflix

Those who want to take some time to enjoy a little bit of childlike fun or give their own kiddos something great to watch should give Sharkdog a chance on Netflix.