How I Met Your Mother Will Return For A 9th Season


No need to wait for it anymore!

Just when it seemed like all hope for a 9th season was lost and fans were settling into the idea of season 8 being the last for How I Met Your Mothera deal has been struck and the show will be returning for another season on CBS. The report confirms that Jason Segel was indeed planning on bailing on the show, but something happened in the 11th hour and Segel changed his mind. It’s safe to guess that something was a ridiculous amount of money, but no financial details have been reported. Apparently, the rest of the cast wanted to return to the show and once Segel was nabbed the deal was done, meaning all 5 of the stars will be returning.

How I Met Your Mother isn’t the kind of show that would have been able to continue without one of its core characters, so finding a way to replace Segel’s character, Marshall, wasn’t a good option. With the assumed conclusion of the show being the reveal of who Ted’s wife actually is, the decision on another season had to come soon, which is why show creators Craig Thomas and Carter Bays requested that the decision be made by the end of the month. Thomas and Bays had two plans set for the show, one with it ending after season 8, the other after season 9, but they needed to know which plan to put in place.

This season has been an overwhelming disappointment so far, with the majority of the episodes lacking humor or any emotional pull, however, now that the show is for sure coming back for another season, perhaps the direction will help the show continue to push forward in the mold of The Final Page

As a big fan of the show, I’m very happy to hear that there will be another season. That being said, I hope that another season doesn’t mean watering down the show any further. For now, I’ll be optimistic and say this is great news for fans of the show.

What do you think about another season for How I Met Your Mother? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: Deadline

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  1. Salasays:

    A ninth season? Well I certainly hope that the writers have something spectacular planned for this aging show. Nine seasons is a long time and with the story becoming very boring at times I hope it goes out with a bang. My DISH co-worker is excited for the show’s return and I love the show but can someone please finally tell us who the mother is? I’ve been recording the show on my DISH Hopper all season long while I’m at work trying to figure out if I had missed the big reveal. It’s great because my husband and kids can still watch their favorites while I’m gone. Now I don’t have to worry about anyone fighting over TV.

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