How I Met Your Mother Will Reveal The Mother’s Identity In Season 9

This week’s episode of How I Met Your Mother had yet another tease where viewers were forced to sit with bated breath anxiously hoping for a glimpse of Ted’s future wife, a.k.a. “the mother”. Of course, she wasn’t actually shown, which means for at least another week fans will have to wait for this mysterious woman’s reveal. Well, it now turns out that it’s going to be more than just another week, as it has been confirmed that the reveal of the mother won’t happen until season 9.

This probably doesn’t come as any great surprise to most fans of the show, but the fact that creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas said season 9 will be very different from the previous seasons had some hoping that season would detail Ted’s time with the mother.

We know the perfect pair meets at Barney and Robin’s wedding which occurs 45 days from last night’s episode, but my prediction has been that we’ll come tantalizingly close to seeing the mother just before the last episode of season 8 ends, leaving fans to wait through an agonizing summer before finally getting their first look at Mrs. Ted Mosby’s face.

Some theorists have been grasping at clues and characters from past seasons in the hopes of piecing together the mystery for themselves. That’s all good fun, but I don’t believe that we’ve met the character yet. I truly think she will be a fresh, new face, and I think that’s the proper route for the show to take. The reveal doesn’t have to be some mind-blowing twist, it will be exciting enough to finally see the woman Ted is going to settle down with.

Do you have any bold new predictions on who the mother of How I Met Your Mother is? Does it kill you that you’ll have to wait until season 9 to finally meet her? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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