CBS Says Michael Dorn Isn’t Returning As Worf In Star Trek: Picard

Star Trek Worf

While we still don’t have an official release date for Star Trek: Picard, beyond an early 2020 possibility, we do have a fairly comprehensive idea of the guest stars and returning characters for the CBS All Access series. However, one Star Trek actor who won’t be coming back is Michael Dorn, after CBS confirmed that he won’t be reprising the role of Worf. The news comes following fan speculation over Dorn’s signature possibly appearing on cinematographer Philip Lanyon’s wrap present.

When sharing a photo of a signed slate, Lanyon mentioned that it includes some of “original TNG cast.” Fans spotted Patrick Stewart’s name, as well as officially cast figures such as Marina Sirtis, Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner and Jeri Ryan. New cast members Alison Pill and Santiago Cabrera also make an appearance, along with possibly Isa Briones, Harry Treadaway and Eva Evagora. One unclaimed signature seemed to suggest Dorn though, with fans speculating on Twitter in the image below:

Unfortunately, this now doesn’t seem to be the case, which is a shame but does tie into Dorn previously not wanting just a cameo in the series. The actor’s still keen for a Worf spinoff, though, and has even written a script, saying the following at the recent Keystone Comic Con in Philadelphia:

“I wrote it in 2012-13, and it’s been going like this: a lot of interest, no interest, a lot of interest, no interest … A guy who was a producer at this one place that I was pitching it came up to me before the meeting and [said], ‘I gotta tell you, your character meant so much to me’ … It fits so well into this new Star Trek universe. It just fits right in there. We’ll see.”

Worf or no Worf, we’re excited to see what Star Trek: Picard will bring to the table, with the show featuring an older Picard being drawn out of seeming retirement. As mentioned above, there’s no exact premiere date just yet, but once we get one we’ll be sure to let you know.