Is This Our First Look At Batman’s Costume In Titans?


Titans will obviously mostly focus on the titular teenage – and above – superheroes, but it’s also set to do a pretty great job of bringing multiple figures from the Batman mythos to life. Dick Grayson is the central protagonist, as played by Brenton Thwaites, and we recently got our first look at his successor as Robin, Jason Todd, as well, as played by Cullen Walters.

But it seems that Batman himself will also show up. We’ve known for a while that Bruce Wayne would likely put in an appearance as plot details leaked out a while ago, informing us that flashbacks would detail Dick’s training as a vigilante. But these snaps of a stunt performer wearing a kind of makeshift Batsuit appear to confirm that the suited and booted Caped Crusader will also show his pointy bat ears in the DC Universe show.

Before you get too worried about the lack of a bat-symbol on the chest and other lacking areas of the costume, it’s thought that Batman will only be seen in the shadows, hence there’s no need to make a full version of the outfit.

By the sounds of things, then, we should expect a similar treatment of the Dark Knight in Titans to how Superman was featured in season 1 of Supergirl. As the story was about Kara being her own hero away from her more famous cousin, Supes only featured in brief CGI shots of silhouettes blurred by the sun. Similarly, Grayson will be looking to get out from under Batman’s shadow, so naturally, the Caped Crusader won’t feature too prominently.

But hey, Superman later appeared properly in Supergirl season 2 so who knows, perhaps Batman will have a bigger role if Titans gets recommissioned and the central cast are established enough to have a big hitter like the Dark Knight drop by without stealing their thunder. Then again, what are we saying? He’s Batman, he steals everyone’s thunder.

Titans drops on DC Universe on Friday, October 12th.