Minka Kelly Shares New Look At Dove In Titans Season 2

Titans Hawk Dove

Actress Minka Kelly has given us a better idea of how her character Dove will look in the second season of Titans. Part of a crime-fighting duo with Hawk, Kelly’s Dove, aka Dawn Granger, was put through the ringer in the first season of the show, and is expected to play a prominent part in new episodes of the DC Universe series.

As you can see down below, Kelly posted a photo to Instagram of herself as Granger in casual clothes, rather than her vigilante costume, and also mentioned that cinematographer Boris Mojsovski will be directing an episode of the show.

We previously saw a behind-the-scenes shot of Kelly with an adorable dog, although probably not Krypto, who’s expected to appear in the new season. Furthermore, we also had a brief look at Hawk and Alan Ritchison’s Hank Hall in action in leaked footage from the set earlier this year.

It’s likely that Hawk and Dove will be a key part of the first episode of season 2, as what would’ve been episode twelve of the initial season was held back. From the tease at the end of installment eleven, we should see Hawk and Dove tracking down Jason Todd when they show up on screen next.

Details for the new run of Titans episodes are quickly emerging, including that we may see a few characters turning up in the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” event at the end of the year, joining non-Arrowverse stars like Black Lightning, as well as a lot of other fan favorites. Outside of the “Crisis” though, we’ll get Deathstroke as the main villain, and hopefully some extended time with Iain Glen’s Batman, or at least Bruce Wayne. Throw in a rich cast of new and supporting characters, and there’ll be a lot to digest in the second season of the series.

We’re keen to see how Hawk and Dove tie into the sophomore season of Titans, which will begin on Friday, September 6th on DC Universe. In the meantime, we’ll be tracking the latest news on the show and given the details we already have, expect there to be a lot more before the premiere date.