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MonsterVerse fans are going nuts for Godzilla and the Titans series reveal

Monsterverse Are Going Nuts for Godzilla and the Titans Series Reveal


The age of streaming has allowed blockbuster franchises that had previously been solely restricted to the big screen to be given a new and massively exciting lease of life, with heavy hitters like the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the DCEU expanding onto television with canonical shows that put fresh characters in the spotlight, while still connecting to the overarching mythology.

It was only a matter of time before the MonsterVerse got in on the act, and it was confirmed yesterday that a new series set to focus on a family’s journey to discover their secret and previously unknown connections to the Monarch organization was in early development for Apple’s in-house platform.

As you can imagine, fans were stoked to discover Godzilla and the rest of the Titans will be expanding their presence by lurking in the background of an action-packed episodic adventure, with social media going wild at the news.

Adam Wingard’s Godzilla vs. Kong wrapped up its narrative in a neat bow, but there’s still plenty of scope for the MonsterVerse to tell new stories, especially when the majority of the other Titans hiding around the world have only been vaguely teased.

There was talk last year that Wingard was in talks to helm another feature-length installment, so the future of the property is going to be very interesting, especially when production company Legendary are in bed with both Warner Bros. and Apple for movie and TV MonsterVerse projects, respectively.

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