MonsterVerse fans blast Warner Bros. after Apple lands new TV show

Godzilla vs. Kong

Fans are understandably hyped after it was announced a live-action TV series set in the MonsterVerse was in the works at Apple, but the first question on everyone’s lips was why HBO Max didn’t get in on the action first.

After all, production company Legendary have a longstanding partnership with Warner Bros., and the studio has distributed all of the franchise’s big screen blockbusters to date. With that in mind, it seemed a little strange for the MonsterVerse’s film and television output to be split between a pair of rival entities, but theories are already making the rounds as to why.

If you’ll remember, there were very public disagreements between Legendary and WB in the buildup to Godzilla vs. Kong, with the former being blocked from selling off Adam Wingard’s crossover to Netflix for a fee in excess of $200 million, only for WarnerMedia to send the movie to its own streaming service instead.

As you can see from the reactions below, social media believes that may be one of the reasons behind Apple landing the coveted kaiju show ahead of the MonsterVerse’s usual home.

Either way, we’re getting an big budget episodic effort set in a world where Godzilla, King Kong, and the Titans roam the planet, so a lot of people aren’t going to care in the slightest what platform they end up watching it on.

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