MonsterVerse TV series could explore multiple timelines


The MonsterVerse is exactly the sort of franchise that could be easily spun off for television, so the only real surprise that such a project had officially entered development was the news that Legendary had opted to partner up with Apple’s streaming service, when most people expected any prospective series to be an HBO Max exclusive.

Fans aren’t complaining, though, even if they did give Warner Bros. a roasting on social media as they’re wont to do. The storytelling possibilities are virtually endless as to where the show could be heading, especially when all we’ve got to go on is a vague synopsis teasing “one family’s journey to uncover its buried secrets and a legacy linking them to the secret organization known as Monarch”.

However, The Illuminerdi claim to have uncovered some more details, included an updated working title that dubs the MonsterVerse’s first episodic offering as simply Monarch. Not only that, but multiple timelines could be in play, with the report outlining that the narrative will touch down everywhere from the outfit’s founding in the aftermath of World War II to the present day.

That’s highlighted by a purported casting call looking for an actor to play a young Bill Randa, who we first met in the form of John Goodman during Kong: Skull Island, which took place in 1973. Apple and Legendary are keeping their cards close to the chest for now, but a time-hopping MonsterVerse adventure sounds like a whole lot of fun.