‘Moon Knight’ director reveals Ethan Hawke was nervous on his first day

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The highly anticipated Marvel series Moon Knight is now streaming on Disney Plus, and there’s a high level of excitement as fans tune in to the first episode.

There’s also a lot of excitement from the cast and crew, and it started on day one. It might not register that an actor as decorated as Ethan Hawke would feel a nervous excitement when starting a new project. However, Moon Knight director Mohamed Diab spoke with Screen Rant and shared that even Hawke had the butterflies when he walked onto the set for the first day.  

“Stepping on set for the first time always feels like the first day of school. You are trying to be confident, but you’re not. By the way, you would be surprised that legends like Ethan Hawke feel the same. The first day he told me, ‘I was so nervous.’ 35 years doing that, you’re a legend, but that’s the way it is. Until a couple of days later, you just fully get the hang of it, and you just roll until it’s done. It was such a long, long process.”

Hawke plays Arthur Harrow to Oscar Issac’s Marc Spector, the series’s titular character, struggling to make sense of a world where he can’t seem to stabilize his footing. Harrow is the antagonist who attempts to keep Spector lost in chaos — by whatever means necessary.

Harrow appears in one issue of the Moon Knight comics, specifically the second issue of Volume 2, as reported by Looper. His character is nominated for a Nobel Prize, but that accolade will deliver his own personal chaos as it’s discovered that he’s not being honest about his research. 

With only one episode of Moon Knight available to stream, it’s yet to be discovered how closely Harrow’s story will stick to the comics, but it’s evident that he’s in the story to cause a stir, and he’s not going to let anything get in his way.

The second episode of Moon Knight hits Disney Plus on April 6, and fans can find out more about how Harrow plans to keep Spector in a state of peril as the series continues.

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